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Peñón de Ifach Natural Park

Calpe is one of the most suitable cities for tourism in the Valencian Community, as it has fantastic corners and emblematic places such as the Ifach Rock, which is under the watchful eye of the highest cliff in the Mediterranean. Calpe has grown on both sides of the great rock, symbol and image of the Costa Blanca. Many of the visitors choose to visit Calpe as it has preserved the quality of its fine sandy beaches and clean waters since the 1930s. In addition, you can visit Calpe from the top of the Peñón de Ifach and enjoy the impressive views of the city. The town keeps vestiges of the past in its old town and curiosities like the ruins of the Baños de la Reina and some old salt mines. Its fishing port presents a very lively image and, next to it, there are restaurants where you can taste fish and seafood from the area. Apart from its monumental rock, there are many interesting places to visit in Calpe. In the Enginent Park you can find all kinds of leisure and sports facilities, children’s leisure areas, barbecue, fountain, suitable furniture and toilets. The Oltá camping area is a perfect place and is located on the northeast slope of the Oltá mountain range; it has a capacity for 100 tents and has grills, sinks and toilets. In the surroundings of the area there are several marked routes for hiking, so that you can visit Calpe and enjoy its natural surroundings. Other places of interest are the Parque de la Vallesa, the salt flats of Calpe, the Forat del Mar, the Calalga cove, the Racó del Corv cove, the Puerto Blanco beach, the Fosa de Calpe beach, the Levante or Fossa beach, Cantal Roig beach, Arenal-Bol beach, Gasparet cove, Les Urques cove, La Manzanera cove, El Racó cove, El Peñón cove, El Mallorquín cove and Les Basetes cove. #immohunter24 #incalpeliving

{:es}Edificio de unos 5.000 m² edificados, centrico | Valencia{:}{:en}Building of approx. 5.000 m², central | Valencia{:}{:de}Gebäude von ca. 5.000 m², sehr zentral | Valencia{:}
920 € | m²
for sale
Commercial real estate

Building of approx. 5.000 m², central | Valencia

Comunidad Valenciana, Valencia,
Valencia, España
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  • >80 Bedrooms
  • 5.000 m²



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