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The use of stucco marble dates back to Roman times. During the excavations at Pompeii, Stuckmarmor was found on the walls of rich houses and public buildings. The use of stucco marble revived its revival in Italy from the 17th century. From there, it migrated to the north, where it was used again, especially in the baroque era. The churches and palaces were decorated with stucco marble, as it was a profitable alternative to real marble. The Stuckenmarmor at the Palace in the Great Garden of Dresden is one of the first examples in central Germany. The method was continued until the end of the 19th century. Stuckmarmor has been used in many Ringstraße Palace in Vienna as well as in other public buildings such as Reichsratsgebäude, University, Also outside Europe that in American public buildings or rich houses were decorated with marble in stucco. However, the increasing industrial degradation of marble and the growing export activities of Italy and India, as well as the discovery of new marble quarries, have greatly reduced marble prices and the art of stucco has almost lost since the 20th century. Today, the production and restoration of stucco marble is much more expensive than the use of real marble.

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