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The rustic cuisine is cozy and reminds us of our childhood days at Grandma. To this day the kitchens with a feel-good character have not lost their charm and are becoming increasingly popular. Let yourself be inspired by our residential ideas and find out what you should consider at a country kitchen!

Country kitchen at the time
Contrary to the new minimalist and rather cool side dishes, country kitchen kitchens offer a more comfortable and warmer ambience. Kitchen manufacturers have ensured that country kitchen kitchens take away their very rustic image – nowadays they appear in a more modern and varied look. However, the main features of the country kitchen remain the same: a nostalgic style, playful wooden carvings, loving details and warm colors still captivate. The use of solid wood is also very typical in country-style kitchens.

Kitchen planning
A kitchen planner can help you integrate the kitchen of your choice into your premises – kitchens can be customized. It is important to ensure that there is enough space and work space. Also the walkways and distances have to be chosen sensibly.
Kitchen islands, for example, make it possible to cook together with several people, and more space for snipping is created by removing the hotplates. Kitchen kitchens or kitchen utensils are therefore worth considering in large kitchens. #immohunter24 #injavealiving

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