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Ideas for Designing a Luxurious Bathroom

Good design is sensual and functional. Intelligent, innovative, sustainable. The bathrooms not only offer a high degree of design, but also one thing above all: A life of well-being. People need retreats, to strengthen the body, mind and soul. More and more people want this place on their own four walls and turn the bathroom into an oasis of well-being. The goal of immohunter24 is to achieve the highest possible comfort. Nowadays there are products of bathrooms that have these characteristics: separation of wet and dry areas, generous storage areas, seating comfort of 20 mm more, easy cleaning and elegant design due to rounded corners and smooth curved lines.

If you replace the bathtub with a shower, the bathroom becomes larger and safer. Here the shower tray is the new model, and it offers many advantages: it can be cut to size to fit any space; and access is very easy thanks to its extra-flat design; in addition, its surface is textured and non-slip



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