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The parish of El Salvador houses the image of the patron of Els Poblets

The beach of Almadraba, curious name of Arab origin, is the beach of Els Poblets. From the tip of the Almadraba, where the river Girona ends, to the Camí Marjaletes we have a quiet beach with pebbles and with visitors who faithfully repeat the visit every year.

This municipality is located north of the Marina Alta, on a flat land formed by the alluvial lands of the river Girona. It is a town based on tourist services with small farms dedicated to the cultivation of citrus, for the most part. The tourism is familiar and has more and more weight in the municipal economy due to the increasing thrust of the urbanizations that are developing in the coastal zone.

The urbanizations are perfectly marked for the enjoyment of the leisure time of its residents. The walk, on foot or by bicycle, on rural roads are activities that can be done. And fish at night, equipped with patience and a rod, on the shore of the sea. In addition, the entire area of ​​the coast is equipped with all kinds of tourist services, for the convenience of its visitors.
When making a tour through the history of this small town, we go back to the Muslim era. Els Poblets is on the road known as the Via Augusta that links the entire Mediterranean coast of Hispania. It has its historical origin in a series of Muslim farmhouses that, after its conquest by the troops of Jaime I, were included in the Marquesado de Dénia. In 1971, Miraflor merged with Setla – Mirarrosa, for which both urban centers were renamed Els Poblets.

The Tower of Mirarrosa is a defensive tower of the fifteenth century that guarded the access to the population from the river Girona. Immohunter24 helps you find your property in Els Poblets. It has a height of 11 meters and three floors. The Church of El Salvador is the Parish of Els Poblets; recently its external façade and its interior have been restored. The venerated image of El Salvador, patron of this town, presides over the magnificent altarpiece. Miraflor has a church dedicated to San José of smaller dimensions. The tower on Calle del Molí is a vestige of medieval times, very close to Almadrava Beach and a notable example of Roman culture. The site corresponds to a Roman aristocratic town and a factory of pottery production, a very necessary industry to transport the precious Hispanic oil to all the ends of the Roman world. The set can be visited in a guided way and consists of two well differentiated parts.

Leaving aside its history, let’s talk about its gastronomy, rich in products of the countryside and the sea or the different types of cakes are native dishes. A variety of dishes that will captivate the palate of its visitors. #immohunter24 #inelspobletsliving


Single Property

{:es}Finca encantadora en Els Poblets | 3100 m²{:}{:en}Charming Finca in Els Poblets | 3100 m²{:}{:de}Idylische Finca in Els Poblets | 3100 m²{:}{:fr}Charmante Finca à Els Poblets | 3100 m²{:}
359.000 €
for sale

Charming Finca in Els Poblets | 3100 m²

Els Poblets,
Alicante, 03779, España
View Details
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 180 m²

{:es}Mansion en Els Poblets | 258 m²{:}{:en}Mansion in Els Poblets | 258 m²{:}{:de}Mansion in Els Poblets | 258 m²{:}{:fr}Manoir à Els Poblets | 258 m²{:}
700.000 €
for sale
Villa / Chalet

Mansion in Els Poblets | 258 m²

Els Poblets,
Alicante, 03779, España
View Details
  • 6 Bedrooms
  • 4 + 2 Bathrooms
  • 285 m²

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