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Immohunter24 is a team of international agents in Spain.

We are specialists in real estate management in the real estate sector, offering a wide portfolio of commercial real estate in the most prestigious areas of Spain, where our experience allows us to have a deep knowledge, both in the areas where we operate, and in the current reality of the market.

We distinguish a professional, personalized, absolutely confidential, safe and effective treatment that will accompany you until you have fully and satisfactorily completed the management that we would have been entrusted with.
We are proud to be able to affirm that our clients receive our full attention, clearly exposing them to the possible scenarios and feasibility of their objectives.
The correct choice of real estate agent specializing in level properties such as Immohunter24 will appraise its properties with criteria and objectivity, reduce the terms of sale or acquisition of goods, check the legal-financial viability of the operations and give the appropriate treatment to all the processes and parties involved among other aspects of relevance.

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We apply our fees based on the trust that our clients deposit to us, in this way we contribute a clear added value, without this representing a cost increase. We achieve that at the end of our work, the clients are totally satisfied, passing these to be prescribers and recommending them to their friends and acquaintances, returning as friends to reclaim our services in their future operations.

Our Agents

Marinalva Ramos Soares  | Brazil
Marinalva Ramos Soares | Brazil
Karla Flores | Punta Cana
Karla Flores | Punta Cana
Merary González Rios | Cancún
Merary González Rios | Cancún
Matthias Frimmersdorf | Germany
Matthias Frimmersdorf | Germany

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