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Regardless of whether it is a condominium or a home, the dream of one’s own home is as tempting as ever before. But before it goes to the real estate, you have to think through a lot, it is an investment like it is in most cases only once in a lifetime. The following tips and hints help you decide for the right purchase property.

Which purchase properties are eligible?


  • The family home is the classic home. Due to its large property with a high garden area, it is particularly suitable for larger families.
  • The semi-detached house consists, strictly speaking, of two single-family houses (so-called semi-detached houses), which are located on the same site and are built there.
  • Terraced houses are also in most cases (smaller) single-family houses, which are uniformly designed and built in a long row.
  • A bungalow usually consists of a single storey and ends with a striking flat roof.
  • The prefabricated house is one of the most common residential properties. As a rule, it is purchased ready for turn-key purchase.


If you want to buy a property, there are different types of condominiums. Some of them are listed here:

  • The ground floor apartment is characterized by the fact that the floor is under the ground.
  • The name duplex apartment is a two-storey apartment within a multi-storey residential building. As a rule, the top floor is below the roof.
  • The attic apartment is the purist style of the maisonette apartment. Only the attic is converted into an apartment.
  • The penthouse apartment is located on the top floor of a residential building. Often it is a very luxurious apartment with terrace or roof garden and its own access to the elevator.
  • Apartment apartments are especially suitable for bachelor and young couples. The small apartment usually consists of a large living room and bedroom with a kitchenette.
  • The loft is an extremely spacious apartment in a quiet industrial hall.
  • The granny flat is often found in large detached houses. This is a living room separated from the main apartment with separate entrance. There are only rarely open-air apartments available for purchase.

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