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Luxury Hotel of 5***** in Marrakech | Morocco

Ref. 24073
Hotel Taj Palace, Marrakech,
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  • >160 Bedroom
Marcela Gillmann | USA
Marcela Gillmann | USA
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Confidentiality agreement

For the attention of the seller / authority
for Hotel Taj Palace, in Marrakech

Marrakech, 27.11.2021

Investor / Contact person / Address:

Bedanco Finance Corp:
Attention: Henry Donan
In C/O International Asset, Trading Group

CASABLANCA , 20070 Morocco


Project / Property:
Ref: 24073 |  Luxury Hotel of 5***** in Marrakech | Morocco

Purchase price:
80.000.000 € plus fees according the offer!

Hotel Taj Palace, | Marrakech | Morocco



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen !

We hereby inform you that we are interested in studying the aforementioned asset. Sufficient capital and/or financing possibilities are available for the investment. We reserve the right to appraise and negotiate the price mentioned. The brief presentation of the asset is at our disposal. In order to make a concrete decision we need more information (data room)!

For example:


Please make them available to us as soon as possible. 100% confidential treatment is guaranteed. It will not be disclosed to unauthorised third parties, except possibly to the bank, tax advisor or lawyer. A personal appointment for inspection will take place after a positive examination of the data, which will have to be agreed upon. If the sale is not concluded, the information received will be destroyed. Transmission of the LOI to the owner is expected. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have to facilitate the valuation. The Purchasing Party declares that it undertakes not to carry out any purchase transactions itself, by proxy or through third parties on the properties visited through immohunter24. Likewise, the property undertakes that if the above-mentioned person, as a buyer, directly or indirectly acquires the aforementioned property, he/she will pay the commercial agent the agreed fees for the sale, whether or not he/she has taken part in the relevant formalisation procedures.




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