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From, we put at your disposal the best investments nationally and internationally. Our network of advisors distributed throughout the world will be in charge of searching for the tailored product. Put us to the test, we assure you an integral service until your total satisfaction. We of immohunter24 look for what suits your needs. Make your order free of charge. We will send you free proposals. Of course it’s all your confidential information. We will only charge you a small commission if the investment was successful and you signed the purchase agreement. If you are successful we will also

Plan for Investors!

1.5 %
of fees
Investments starting at € 100,000,000 10 investment proposals
Investor Gold
2,5 %
of fees
for Investments up to € 5,000,000 5 investment proposals
Investor DIAMANT
2.0 %
of fees
for Investments over € 50,000,000 8 investment proposals